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Everything you need for a carefree, and spam and virus free mail server, the most transparent provider of hosted spam and virus filtering solutions in the Benelux countries is now also available in the UK. We charge a fixed monthly fee per domain for up to 200 mail boxes. never charges setup costs and there are no extra charges for the quantity of delivered emails. Even extra costs for data use are not charged. You can register your domain(s) here. MX-Relay is an international service, hosted from datacenters in the Netherlands. MX-Relay is a service provided by a team of professionals with years of experience. Should you have any queries, you can count on friendly and professional assistance.

How it works

Registration and configuration are easy

A free 30 day trial

A free 30 day trial

A noncommittal 30 day free trial period applies to all domain registrations. After registration you receive login details for the admin panel and instructions to activate the spam filter for your domain. After this you have access to your own Barracuda Networks Admin panel which you can adjust to your own specifications.

The MX-Relay clusters

The MX-Relay clusters protects your Mail Server and Network by filtering mail traffic in the cloud. This is done through Barracuda Network’s Spam Filter technology in clusters. MX-Relay has clusters on several locations. After registering your domain, the workstations within your organization will be practically spam and virus free. Which means less support will be needed at the workstations

Redundancy and Mail Bagging

Redundancy and Mail Bagging

Should your mail server be unavailable, your mail will be saved for up to 96 hours by This is why several costumers use MX-Relay as a second MX-record. So, it’s possible to point all MX-records to the solution or to point the first to your own mail server and the second through MX-relay, making you completely redundant. This is very convenient when you conduct maintenance or are physically moving a server

Always Up-To-Date

Always Up-To-Date

After registration you have your own intuitive admin panel at your disposal which has every thinkable configuration option. is updated with the latest spam, Trojan and virus information 24 hours a day, making sure your email traffic is 99% virus and spam free. You also have a complete overview of all sent and received messages.

Outbound SMTP through MX-Relay

Protect your company’s reputation

Many companies intently filter incoming mail, but forget about the risks of outgoing mail. More and more, infected mail servers or computers within your own network are sending out spam and/or malware without you knowing it and with what consequences?

You could be placed on a blacklist, preventing everybody from sending out emails. The administrators have to track down the infected computers to try to remove the unwanted software. You could be spending days trying to be removed from the blacklists. In short, it will cost you a lot of time and money.

So protect your outgoing email as well! Try it 30 days for free and convince yourself.


pricetagMX-Relay is a simple subscription per domain based service. We don’t charge fees per user or per quantity of data being filtered. You get a completely redundant Barracuda Spam Firewall cluster at your disposal with 2 MX-records for a low monthly fee. MX-Relay does not charge a fee per mailbox, but one fee for up to 200 users per domain. We offer a very attractive rate for subscribers with a larger number of domains.
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  • Inbound spam- and virus filtering     
  • Incl. fallback     
  • Access to admin panel     
  • Up to 96 hours of mail bagging     
  • Outbound spam- and virus filtering     
  • IN- and OUTBOUND

Global network

Collects spam and virus information from around 150,000 Barracuda units.

Spam protection

Accurate, without delay and without false-positives.

Virus protection

Scans incoming and, optionally, your outgoing mail for viruses.

Quick detection

High-speed detection of new spam and virus attacks.


Up to 96 hours of mail bagging.

Works with any type of mail server

A completely cloud-based e-mail solution for every mail server.



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