A secure mail server redundancy with high availability

Mail server redundancy and mail bagging services

With our mx-relay services your mail will be stored by MX-Relay for up to 96 hours from the moment your mail server is not available. That’s why businesses use our mail server redundancy and mail bagging services for improving their availability. 

A number of customers use MX-Relay for this reason as a second MX record. It is therefore possible to point all MX records to the solution or the first to your own mail server and a second via MX-Relay, making you completely redundant with our email redundancy service.

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Mail server redundancy with high availability

After registering you are always up-to-date. you will have your own admin panel that is intuitive and has all conceivable configuration options. MX-Relay is updated 24 hours a day with the latest spam, trojan and virus information making your mail traffic 99% spam and virus free. You also have a complete overview of all received messages.

Security secure mail server redundant cluster

MX-Relay protects your Mail Server and network by filtering mail traffic in the cloud. We do this with Barracuda Networks’ Spam Filter technology. MX-Relay has clusters at multiple locations. After registering your domain, workplaces within your organization are almost completely spam and virus free.

30 day free trial

A 30-day free trial period applies to all domain registrations. After registering, you will receive login details for the admin panel and instructions to activate the filter for your domain. After this you have access to your own admin panel, where you can adjust your setup as you wish.

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If you are a Managed Service Provider

We have a 30-day trial available so that your customers can try out the MX-Relay service completely free of charge, with no obligation. No functions are withheld in this trial, and best of all this version is fully functional! You can sign-up here or just contact us, so that we can discuss how to strengting your email security and serverices.

Then please contact us via sales@mx-relay.com or call +31 (0) 70 415 48 39 and ask about your possibilities. We also have a brand-new white paper, especially created for MX-Relay resellers, with all benefits included. 

White paper for MSPs