How to stop spam for your customers

As a reseller you are looking for the party that provides added value in this area; Expand your portfolio with a service that you don’t have to worry about and where you can easily earn money.

The most important added values of an MSP service are: cost savings, operational excellence, access to professionals, risk management and increased compliance. A service like MX-Relay has these benefits.

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MX-Relay benefits

  • 91% of all cyber attacks start with an e-mail
  • Lost productivity of employees if they are occupied in sorting unwanted e-mails or trying to detect e-mails thrown away by an inefficient spam filter
  • The financial risk that you run if one of the employees inadvertently opens an unwanted e-mail and thereby allows a virus in the network
  • Spam increases bandwidth consumption. By filtering spam before it reaches a network, the customer retains more bandwidth so that it can be more productive and reduces internet costs.
  • Reduced mail server load. This makes a faster response possible and the performance of the hardware does not have to be increased.

It is no secret that in the current economic climate it is necessary to cut costs and manage an organization more efficiently. So if an organization has a small, overburdened IT team or even has no specific IT staff at all, then it makes sense to investigate what you can do to reduce costs and still have the same (or even better) service levels to obtain.

One of the first things that should be considered is outsourcing spam filtering, especially if managing e-mails is not one of the core tasks. As companies focus on what they are good at, it is nowadays more likely to outsource IT to experts.

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