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MX-Relay SMTP Service

Bypass all data limits that internet providers have on their outbound e-mail service.

SMTP service from MX-Relay is a reliable, powerful, easy-to-use service that maximizes the delivery ratio of all your marketing and transactional e-mails.

Why use a professional SMTP service?

It is important to follow the rules of the mail server, to prevent messages from ending up in spam folders or even being completely deleted by mail servers. Mail servers handle e-mails in different ways, based on the reputation of SMTP servers, white and black lists. SMTP servers offered by standard internet providers are not always reliable; they use random IP addresses and every now and then these IPs are blacklisted, which causes problems if you want to send e-mails. The worst thing is that you are not aware of these problems. When you send your e-mails, you will never know whether they have actually arrived.

The SMTP service from MX-Relay ensures that you can enjoy higher delivery rates.

If your server is not known to be reliable, almost all standard mail servers will delay your messages. In the best case, your e-mails will go to a gray-list or spam filter and in the worst case the messages will be rejected. These mail servers, such as hotmail, gmail, comcast and many others, have very strict rules because of the spam behavior of their users. As a result, it often happens that normal messages end up in spam folders.

By using the MX-Relay SMTP Service, your e-mails are considered reliable by all mail servers, which increases your delivery ratio. MX-Relay therefore provides a reliable and cost-effective SMTP service. We ensure that your e-mails are sent in a professional manner. This means that all mail servers recognize your messages as secure, so that the messages are always delivered.

Send unlimited e-mails from 1 server for a fixed monthly amount.

MX-Relay is the most transparent provider of hosted spam filtering solutions in the Benelux. Send one fixed amount per month unlimited e-mail from 1 server. No setup costs and extra costs for data usage are not charged. Each registered service can be protected by MX-Relay for 30 days free of charge. We use a fair use policy with regard to the number of e-mails sent.


No more problems with spam in your mail thanks to MX-Relay. We offer you the most advanced spam filter solution for your business. Our spam filters work with every mail server. Most cyber attacks start with a targeted e-mail that can lead to considerable (financial) damage and data loss. MX-Relay protects your e-mail infrastructure and protects users, data and your organization.

Inbound E-mail protection


More and more often, infected mail servers or computers are within your network without you knowing how to send spam and / or malware. With all its consequences! You are on a blacklist and nobody can send any more e-mail. The administrators must look up the infected computers and remove the unwanted software. This can cost you a lot of time and money. So also protect all your outgoing e-mail!

Outbound E-mail protection
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The most easy-to-use and most reliable e-mail security system on the web. Focused on the total e-mail infrastructure, with a focus on fraud protection, spam & malware and awareness of users and organizations. Try it yourself now.

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