MX-Relay - Outbound E-Mail Protection

Outbound E-Mail Protection

MX-Relay Outbound E-Mail Protection

Why outbound email protection?

MX-Relay prevents domain reputation damage and makes every effort to prevent your domain from being blacklisted. All this at a very competitive price.

Protect your reputation

Most companies pay a lot of attention to filtering incoming e-mail, but forget the dangers of outgoing mail. E-mails are often sent directly to the destination and due to network weaknesses, such as unsecured wireless connections or firewalls that allow all kinds of devices to broadcast outbound SMTP, spam or malware can be sent through your network. With all its consequences! You will be placed on a blacklist, making it no longer possible to send e-mails. The administrators must look up the infected computers and remove the unwanted software. You are sometimes busy for days to get rid of the blacklist. In short, it takes a lot of time and money.

A compromised account or compromised user in your network that sends spam can damage the reputation of your IP address and adversely affect email continuity for all users in your network. MX-Relay ensures a clean network and protects your e-mail reputation. Try our service for 30 days for free and experience it for yourself.

Protect outgoing e-mail for a fixed price per domain per month

MX-Relay is the most transparent provider of hosted spam filtering solutions in the Benelux. One fixed amount per month, per domain and no setup costs. Additional costs for data usage are also not charged. Each registered domain can be protected by MX-Relay for 30 days free of charge. We apply a fair use policy with regard to the number of users per domain.

Our outbound service is available for companies that send up to 40,000 mails per month. If you send more e-mails, please check our SMTP service.

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Many internet providers block the standard SMTP port, so you cannot send mail. Via MX-Relay you can very easily offer mail on another port. This allows you to continue working.


Also filter all your outgoing mail traffic for spam and viruses. MX-Relay uses the spam filter technology from Barracuda Networks for this. MX-Relay has special, outgoing clusters at multiple locations.


You use a document scanner, but you do not have a mail server to have your scanner sent? MX-Relay gives you this option very easily!


A 30-day free trial period applies to all domain registrations. After registration you will receive login details and instructions to activate the filter for your domain. Are you encountering problems? Our support team is ready for you.


No more problems with spam in your mail thanks to MX-Relay. We offer you the most advanced spam filter solution for your business. Our spam filters work with every mail server. Most cyber attacks start with a targeted e-mail that can lead to considerable (financial) damage and data loss. MX-Relay protects your e-mail infrastructure and protects users, data and your organization.

Inbound E-mail protection


If your server is not listed as reliable, almost all standard mail servers will delay your messages. By using the SMTP service of MX-Relay, your e-mails are considered reliable by all mail servers, and this will increase your e-mail deliverability. MX-Relay therefore provides a reliable and cost-effective SMTP service. We ensure that your e-mails are sent in a professional manner.

SMTP Service
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The most easy to use and most reliable e-mail security system on the web. Focused on the total e-mail infrastructure, with a focus on spam & malware, fraud protection and awareness of users and organizations. Try it yourself now.

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