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We are MX-Relay

We are MX-Relay. We have been protecting companies’ e-mail infrastructure for almost 2 decades. Technological innovations challenge our spam experts to work continuously on the latest e-mail security concepts.

What are we doing? Offer the simplest and most reliable e-mail security system on the web. This is aimed at the total e-mail infrastructure, with a focus on spam & malware, fraud protection and awareness of users and organizations themselves.

Protecting e-mail

MX-Relay protects e-mail every moment of the day. Driven by the fact that online attacks still start with one simple email. These attacks can ultimately disrupt business activities, cause financial damage and even endanger business integrity.


Through the combination of highly reliable and proven technologies and the many years of experience of our spam experts, MX-Relay has put together a range of high-quality e-mail security solutions to protect you against this.


From highly developed services to increase security awareness within organizations, to the introduction of smart anti-spam services, e-mail archiving and backup capabilities of your total mail environment. Everything is “up and running” within 5 minutes and ready for use. You do not need to install any hardware or software and it is 100% cloud.


Inbound Outbound In- & Outbound SMTP Service
inbound filtering X X
outbound filtering X X X
admin panel access X X
up to 96 hours of mail bagging X X
optional fallback X X
send unlimited amounts of messages X
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The simplest and most reliable e-mail security system on the web. Focused on the total e-mail infrastructure, with a focus on fraud protection, spam & malware. Try it yourself now.

No more problems with spam in your mail thanks to MX-Relay. We offer you the most advanced spam filter solution for your business. Our spam filters work with every mail server. Most cyber attacks start with a targeted e-mail that can lead to considerable (financial) damage and data loss. MX-Relay protects your e-mail infrastructure and protects users, data and your organization.

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A clean network increases the reputation. A compromised account or compromised user in your network that sends spam can damage the reputation of your IP address and adversely affect email continuity for all users in your network. MX-Relay protects your e-mail reputation by preventing your domain from being blacklisted. All this for a fixed price per month, per domain.

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If your server is not listed as reliable, almost all standard mail servers will delay your messages. By using the SMTP service of MX-Relay, your e-mails are considered reliable by all mail servers, and this will increase your e-mail deliverability. MX-Relay therefore provides a reliable and cost-effective SMTP service. We ensure that your e-mails are sent in a professional manner.

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30 Days free trial

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